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Super choices,llc

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to provide our customers with a reliable supply of quality products, backed up by quality service and the best prices. We source our products from manufacturers and certified wholesale distributors in the USA. We sell online using Amazon, eBay, and other ecommerce platforms and we dynamically target consumers on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other niche portals.

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We currently use warehousing and prep facilities in Michigan and North Carolina where our products are professionally prepared for online distribution. We are also establishing warehouse facilities in other US states to assist with the more efficient distribution of our products. We partner with a number of manufacturers and distributors to service our nationwide customer base.

Our Partners

We are always interested in expanding the range of quality products we can offer our customers. If you are a USA manufacturer or distributor wanting to increase your sales, we can help you. Please use our Contact Us form to provide full details by email (click button below).  We will respond within 48 hours.

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